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just a reminder about peanut butter: I love it too, but make sure if you are going out to buy peanut butter now, look at the label becuase some brands like jiff have high fructose corn syrup which is added to sweeten the pb. Look for natural kinds with simply peanuts! If you have a whole foods near by, there is a peanut butter machine where fresh peanuts are ground.

ps: yummy shake: peanut butter, one banana, 1 cup of milk(skim or soy) a scoop of whey protein, some ice cubes.

Chris Ashcrft

Kim & John, got your web information from D3football.com guy name Frank Uible. I am a kicker and will be starting my Jr. Year in August. I need more power on my kick-offs now that the rules may be changing. I was doing lots of squats, leg lifts and lunges until mid March when I found out I had a small Stress Fracture in lower back. I am healed now, but need more power in my legs. What can I do for my calfs, thighs and how can I strenghen my lower back and losen up my hips.

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