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Michael H. McDuffie

Saw the video after watching the Ohio State game. It appeared to me that Michigan State was by far the better team physically - in the fourth quarter in particular.

I have never played football, nor do I know much about it, but I have trained with weights for over forty years and do know something about the process.

I noticed that in the video the players bounced the weights up and down and in the case of chins did not go all the way down.

Around forty five years ago the late Arthur Jones commented that weight lifting had become more about weight throwing than weight lifting.

Although there is definitely a place for negative accentuated exercises there is also a place or extremely slow movements like a chin up taking one minute to go up and one minute to go down.

It has been my experience that my top end strength has increased far faster and far more by doing three sets [of full range motion - i.e. rock bottom full squats for example] of slow sets of thirty seconds down and thirty seconds up of 8 with 1 minute rest between sets [of course the weight has to be dropped in descended sets]. - This is really the same principle that Royce Gracie brought us in preparing for MMA type of fighting.

To your credit, your football players in both the video and the game did not appear to be carrying around the apparently, now mandatory, fifty or more pounds of useless fat - obviously you guys are on the right road. Good luck in the Rose Bowl.

AS you have probably deduced by now my school here in Alabama now has your former football coach at Michigan State - so we all have some psychological connection - at least until you guys play us - which is coming!


P.S. I personally knew Arthur and had trained briefly at his place in Deland. The down side to pre exhaust is that done correctly one burns out on it in about one month [Cssey Viator the exception]. For that reason alternating total body pre exhaust exercises with slow body movements, I believe, allows the body to recover from one while doing the other.

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