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Hammer Strength Clinic: Spooky Nook Champion Mill Hamilton, Ohio


For over 30 years, Hammer Strength has been hosting clinics to offer Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for strength and conditioning coaches as well as other fitness professionals. Hammer Strength has cultivated a community based on its foundations of wisdom, respect, focus and performance. Each clinic has esteemed guest speakers and several breakout sessions to network and discuss training philosophies.

Clinic emcee Ted Lambrinides at The Cotton Bowl CFP Game

Renowned strength & conditioning expert, Ted Lambrinides, will emcee this clinic at the Spooky Nook Champion Mill which is in Hamilton, Ohio. In addition to his forty year pursuit of sports performance science, "Doctor Ted" has become a leader in the field of strength & conditioning program design, speed and human performance enhancement concepts and athlete-wearable gps tracking data analysis. Track him down at the clinic!



2023 Speaker Lineup:

IMG_9194Molly Binetti | Director of Women's Basketball Performance, University of South Carolina

Presentation Title: Freestyle Warm-Up

Description: This presentation will debunk current methods and strategies incorporated during warm-up/prep periods, and explore outside-the-box methods to enhance overall athleticism, motor learning, and skill acquisition. Concepts that will be explored are autonomy/choice, differential learning, games/free play, and the importance of exploration within training. Attendees will leave with tangible ideas and drills to incorporate immediately.

David Queck | Director of Strength and Conditioning, Jones College

Presentation Title: Programming for the JUCO Athlete: From Weight Room to Speed Training

Description: This presentation will cover the challenges and triumphs of programming the strength and speed components in a Junior College setting for football, basketball and softball. As well as what is a JUCO athlete and how you coach them.

Al Johnson­ | Chief Development Officer, CSCCa 

Presentation Title: 30+ Years in the Profession: "What I Learned Along The Way"

Description: My journey in the profession and an overview of how strength and conditioning has changed but in some ways has remained the same.

Tommy Moffitt | Head Coach, The Moffitt Method

Presentation Title: Developing Speed, Strength and Conditioning for Field Sports

Description: This presentation will cover the macro, meso and micro cycle development for field sports and show examples of each.

Lance Walker­ | Executive Director, Human Performance & Nutrition Research Institute­, Oklahoma State University

Presentation Title: Angular Acceleration for Performance and Rehabilitation

Description: How concepts of linear speed development can be applied to nonlinear movement patterns to better express force, improve efficiency in cutting, and potentially improve return-from-injury outcomes.

Auggie Promersberger | Director of Sport Performance, St. Edward High School (Lakewood, Ohio)

Presentation Title: Assent of the Edsman: Department-Wide LTAD at St. Ed's

Description: In this session we will take a deep dive into some of the details, principles and key points that drive long term athlete development in the St. Edward High School environment.

Garrett Medenwald | Director of Men's Basketball Sports Performance, University of Tennessee

Presentation Title: Coach has a Question… you have an answer?

Description: At some point in the season, your head coach will come to you with a performance-related question. The question could be regarding an individual or the team. When this moment happens, will you response with “your opinion” or will you have the “facts” to answer their question? Your answer may very well decide what type of impact you have on the program. What kind of impact do you want to make?

Niko Palazeti | Director of Football Sports Performance, University of Cincinnati

Presentation Title: Strength and Conditioning Onboarding: Strategies for Transitioning Faster and Smarter

Description: Reflection and key take away on Transitioning Roles and Responsibilities

Corey Miller | Director of Speed and Movement, UCLA

Presentation Title: Coming Soon

Adam Smotherman | Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Virginia

U.C. Bearcats' Coach Niko Palazeti coaching the details

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